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Super SALE 10% OFF - Promo Code: SP10 (*Minimum purchase of $99 required, discount is not applicable to Repair Cream)
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Stayve Seanergy Peel Ampoule
Stayve Seanergy Peel Ampoule
Stayve Seanergy Peel Ampoule

Stayve Seanergy Peel Ampoule

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FOR Professional Use ONLY

(for cosmetologists and estheticians only)

Seanergy Peel brings new energy to your skin from the deep clean ocean. It is a peeling system that peels off the dead skin cells. 

It is a treatment that using “spicule” which is a prickle of coral calcium, rich in minerals from deep clean ocean.

How to Use

For cosmetologists and estheticians only. Mix the Stayve Seanergy Peel Powder with the Stayve Seanergy Peel Solution and apply onto the skin and gently massage to stimulate skin’s circulation and make the skin texture soft. By controlling the amount of powder and solution, you will determine the strength of peeling, it can be deep peeling, medium peeling or mild peeling. It all depends on how deep the ingredients of the peeling mixture penetrate into the skin layers such as epidermis and dermis. When doing the treatment for medium peeling or mild peeling, once the product gets dry, spray or mist some water and continue rubbing it.

Product Details:

Package size: 1 box contains: 1.3gx5 vials of powder and 8mlx5 vials of solution. 
Expiration date: Indicated on a box.
Country of Origin: South Korea / Made in Korea

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1. Use of cosmetics should be discontinued if any of the following occurs:
-Immediately contact your dermatologist, if you see any symptoms on your skin:
- in case of abnormalities such as red spots, swelling or itching during usage;
- if the affected area has the above symptoms due to direct sunlight;
2. Do not use in areas with scratches and/or areas with abnormalities such as eczema and/or dermatitis. 
3. If it gets into your eyes, wash immediately.
4. Storage Cautions:
- Make sure to close the plug after use;
- Keep out of reach of children;
- Store in cool and dry place at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight;
5. This product is the best to be used within 7 days after opening.
6. Shake well before usage.

Disclaimer: This product is sold “As Is”. Buyers agree to be held solely responsible for this product once they purchase it. In no event shall we be held liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages to property or life whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of this products.

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